Nisa - Store Specific Merchandise Plans

Nisa Today's take on store specific merchandise plans with Galleria's AMSP Solution

Nisa - Store specific merchandise plans

While Nisa-Today’s members include an extensive range of unique retailers ranging from small convenience stores to large supermarkets, each retailer faced one common challenge – they lacked an automated merchandising solution that could optimize their assortment and in-store space to meet localized demand.

Nisa - Store specific merchandise plans

In 2003, Nisa-Today’s first partnered with Galleria, a leading provider of retail and category optimisation solutions, to develop a merchandising solution specifically for the independent retail sector. Galleria developed its Automated Micro Space Planning System (AMSP), an intuitive, easy-to-use solution that enables retailers to manage their requirements at the store level rather than at a corporate level. Throughout the planning process, Nisa-Today’s worked with Galleria to customise the solution to ensure it met the needs of the company and its members.

“Galleria’s AMSP solution is unique because it is the only solution on the market that enables independent retailers to create their own merchandise plans and preserve space based around their specific store requirements with a few tailored attributes from our point-of-view,” added Mouse. “Our members no longer have to rely on averages and can implement merchandise plans that reflect in-store reality and local demand to achieve a significant return on investment.”

Hosted solution – Software as a Service (SaaS)

While Nisa-Today’s members include an extensive range of unique retailers ranging from small convenience stores to large supermarkets, each retailer faced one common challenge – they lacked an automated merchandising solution that could optimize their assortment and in-store space to meet localized demand.

Significantly reduced costs

Nisa SolutionThe hosted solution does not require Nisa-Today’s to make a heavy investment in IT hardware and infrastructure nor does it require every member to purchase an individual license to use the software. This means that Galleria solutions are much more attractive to smaller retailers who may not have the resources required for a traditional ‘behind the firewall’ type of installation. With no complex and expensive IT hardware to maintain, operate or support, Nisa-Today’s has saved a significant amount of operational expense both in terms of equipment running costs and IT support staff.

The secure connection makes the hosted solution ideal for Nisa-Today’s members to access the solution to produce their own unique planograms. The secure link and secure hosting ensures that data transfer is secure and Galleria’s own data center is constantly monitored and has achieved over 98.6% uptime.



A hosted model utilizing Galleria’s own secure servers means that as new Nisa-Today’s members join the organisation the system can be up scaled easily. New members can quickly be added to the system without needing to invest in more IT equipment. Once trained new members are able to access and utilise the system quickly and easily.

Since the initial implementation, Galleria has advanced the solution to remain up-to-date with current technology standards. Today, the solution works using three core Web sites.

Back office administrator (BOA)

This site houses all member contact information. Nisa-Today’s Member Support Centre team also utilises it to input data for the different ranges and assortments to determine how merchandise plans will look and feel. It takes into consideration market statistics, sales ranges and recommendations from suppliers.

Plan request site (PRS)

In store shoppingNisa-Today’s independent retail member’s use this site to design store-specific merchandise plans to fit their store fixtures. A retailer can log in to the site and select the category from which they need a plan. The retailer inputs the amount of space and the number of shelves available. The system then returns a store-specific merchandise plan customised to meet the store’s requirements.

This site is designed for Nisa-Today’s sales team. To continuously grow its member base, Nisa-Today’s sales representatives can log on to this site to demonstrate to prospects the advantages that using AMSP can bring to their store.

To ensure the system remains as profitable as possible, Nisa-Today’s works with Galleria to refresh the system regularly to stay current with the ever-changing marketplace. This includes updating products, space allocation, demographics, profiles and regions. For ranges with a higher turnover rate, such as seasonal produce, the system is updated more frequently.

“Galleria has worked with us throughout the years to develop a solution that continues to provide our members with custom, yet standardised merchandising recommendations,” said Mouse. “The ability for our members to easily and instantaneously access store-specific merchandise plans is an invaluable, profitable resource.”

Increasing sales and providing a satisfying shopping experience

Shopping TrolleyNisa-Today’s members have achieved remarkable benefits using Galleria’s AMSP solution. Many retailers have seen 30 per cent sales increases in their categories such as fresh foods. As well as sales increases, wastage has been dramatically reduced by up to 20%. Having more of the right stock means there is less need for markdowns which has helped to raise margins by up to 8%.
Members can now ensure the right products are in the right place, in the right quantities, at the right time. This not only provides a sales increase but also provides customers with a satisfying shopping experience which is critical in today’s competitive retail environment.

Furthermore, Nisa-Today’s members enjoy AMSP’s instant access and the fact they can use it on an as-needed basis. Some choose to use it for a total solution while others use it only for specific categories. Because some products and categories provide significantly more profit than others, many members prioritize their categories to ensure they are allocating ample resources and time to optimise their top performing categories in order to yield the largest returns. The solution also enables retailers to preserve space. Members can preserve up to 20 per cent of space for local products or promotional needs in each merchandise plan.

“Using Galleria’s advanced retail planning technology, our members have a far more targeted range to their particular customer audience,” said Mouse. “Therefore, the space utilisation is better, the profitability has increased and the whole customer experience has improved.”

A growing client base for Nisa-Today’s

Since partnering with Galleria, Nisa-Today’s now has the ability to provide merchandise plans for any retail category, enabling it to service a larger bandwidth of retailers. This has resulted in significant member growth for Nisa-Today’s. In addition, the number of downloads on the PSR site is consistently on the rise. Today, more than 650 retailers visit the site per month.

The AMSP solution has also brought discipline to Nisa-Today’s on the trading floor. It enables the organisation to focus on particular categories to return the best sellers in the marketplace while also ensuring they provide a significant rate of return.

“From a profitability standpoint, Galleria’s AMSP solution is a win-win solution for Nisa-Today’s and our members,” concluded Mouse. “Watching the number of site visitors rise is confirmation that the solution is providing our members value. We are very happy with the service and support from Galleria and plan to provide the solution to our members for many years to come.”

Key benefits realised by Nisa Today’s members

Those Nisa Today’s members who have embraced the solution have seen their independently owned stores realise significant benefits including:

  • Sales Increases
  • Wastage Reduced
  • Margin Improvements
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
“Whether in my shop or at home, I can log into the solution, enter in my store code, select the category or categories that I want to plan, the size of my fixtures and the number of shelves I have. Within a few minutes I get back an assortment and space plan that fits my store and equally importantly gives my customers the products that they want and in the quantity that they buy them so I don’t suffer from out of stock items. I’ve seen real benefit from the system not only in terms of sales and margin improvements but also crucially, enhanced customer satisfaction”Nisa Today’s Member, Stoke-on-Trent

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