Galleria offers flexible, mix-and-match deployment options

Galleria News - Galleria Retail Technology Solutions now offers flexible deployment options for its entire family of solutions

Galleria offers flexible, mix-and-match deployment options

Galleria Retail Technology Solutions, a provider of retailer and supplier category optimization solutions and consulting services, now offers flexible deployment options for its entire family of solutions.

Hosted Service

In addition to the more traditional behind the firewall client server installations, the company can provide each solution as a hosted service, rapidly deployed desktop solution or pure consulting service.

“We remain the leaders in customer-centric optimization, and increasing our deployment process results in increased speed to benefit our customers. The options for retailers and suppliers are not in any way binary. The various combinations can be mixed and matched to best suit the needs of our customers. For example, a hosted solution may be adopted during a client server implementation to provide almost instant business benefit and return on investment during the implementation phase,” says Ian Duncan-Lewis, CEO, Galleria.

Alternatively, the flexible deployment methodologies can also allow new and existing customers to implement pilot projects more quickly without the need to install an expansive technology infrastructure to support it – and the costs associated with it.

“The customer may wish to avoid any investment in infrastructure to permanently host a solution. A supplier can then have our experienced team of consultants deliver the results on a project-by-project basis in preference to operating any solution in-house,” Duncan-Lewis elaborates, pointing out that retailers and suppliers can start to see benefits and subsequent payback within five to seven days of deployment.

Galleria’s chief technology officer Mike Humphreys says Galleria’s solutions can be installed on desktop or laptop computers. No SQL server is required and each user maintains his/her own data on their own desktop – with sharing made possible through exporting data.


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