Services for Retailers / Wholesalers

Galleria's Retailer Professional Services Division has 25 years’ experience of successfully working closely with retailers to provide a host of specialist service skills.

Services for Retailers / Wholesalers

Introducing Professional Services

Retailers & Wholesalers leverage the Galleria professional services team to fulfill a variety of tasks. From strategic input with regards to business best practice, business process and re-engineering, advice on category management and customer centric strategy, to specific project activity such as software implementation and system integration. The Galleria professional services team has a wealth of experience and knowledge across both business and IT, including business consulting, training project management, system architecture and integration, infrastructure including Citrix environments and database design and management , whatever the objective the Galleria team can help.

The services are flexible and can be used to augment internal resources as and when required such as the need to fulfil seasonal peaks in work load. In addition, some tasks can be completely outsourced like macro space analysis which could be a less frequent activity, as departmental and category space is often part of a store refit programme. This approach avoids the need to invest in specialist skill sets and the hardware & software necessary to achieve the results.

  • Increase sales of up to 18%
  • Enhance margin of up to 5%
  • Increase product availability of up to 8%
  • Reduced waste & mark-down up to 20%
  • Accelerate inventory return

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  • Store and category clustering

    Store and category clustering service

    Many of our Retailer & Wholesaler customers are focused on differentiating their offering and considering their customer requirements at a more granular level, such as cluster or even store specific for those very dynamic categories that display a wide variation in customer shopping habits and requirements.

    Fulfilling a customer centric strategy relies heavily on understanding the variation in customer shopping habits and how they can best be served to maximise performance, whilst earning the life time loyalty of customers. As a consequence of many years of increased supply chain efficiency often Retailers & Wholesalers adopt top down store clusters by store format, size, geography, demographics or the location of distribution centres, however do customers really see the shopping experience in the same way? By achieving a more granular understanding of the category performance it is possible to both respect the top down clusters, whilst at the same time honing the category strategy with a bottom up approach, to better target price, promotion, marketing initiatives, assortment recommendations, and product distribution and merchandising strategy with subsequent planogram production. The Galleria team work on a daily basis with Retailers & Wholesalers to provide the very best actionable insight.

  • Assortment planning

    Assortment planning services

    Most Retailers & Wholesalers that we speak with rate deriving the best possible assortments as one of their key initiatives. However the process of assortment planning grows ever more complex. Balancing the factors that ultimately provides the best possible and credible assortment within a given amount of space is a challenge. In addition to key performance measures, like value volume and profit contribution it is equally important to understand the depth of the assortment (how many different SKU’S) and the breadth (how many size variants) of the SKU’s that we need to stock to satisfy our target customer. This coupled with propensity, products that might not contribute too well on a performance basis, however are very important to the customer, business transfer and space elasticity make the conundrum even more fascinating. Back in 1989 Galleria was formed on the back of bringing space aware assortment solutions to the market and has a vast experience in crafting consumer decision trees that both achieve Retailers & Wholesalers strategy whilst satisfying customer demand.

  • Micro space analysis & planogram production

    Micro space analysis & planogram production

    The customer centric journey means that Retailers & Wholesalers have to produce many more planograms often at a cluster or store specific level for many categories. Ensuring that strategy does not remain a philosophy relies upon accurate planogram production and execution by the store. In addition to advising on merchandising best practice and producing strategic planograms, the Galleria team are able to utilize the highly advanced Customer Centric Merchandising solution to facilitate the mass production of planograms at both a cluster and store specific level. Using this advanced technology produces thousands of planograms with very low error rates which results in a highly competitive planogram service for our Retailer & Wholesaler customers.

  • Macro space analysis

    Macro space analysis services

    Retailers & Wholesalers are expressing an increasing desire to better understand the balance of departmental, category, aisle, and sub-category space and performance within their stores. More and more Retailers & Wholesalers are enlisting our services team to provide strategic advice and space recommendations at a department, zone, aisle and sub-category level. The team are experienced in new store forecasting and analysis to arrive at the ideal store size for new stores that might not yet exist. In addition to grass roots experience in the art of store analysis and planning the Galleria team has access to ISO, Galleria’s Intelligent Store Optimization solution, which provides a comprehensive array of analytical tools, including elasticity and or inventory demand driven models that forecast the most appropriate space recommendation. The results can be driven by Shopper insight data in addition to EPOS data to help drive business strategy and furthermore the solution assists the team in understanding the likely impact of the recommendations, resulting in the forecast of increased or decreased performance as a result of change. The service can be performed upon individual stores and clusters with results produced at the department, category, zone or aisle level. If required the results can be used to produce schematics of the store.

  • Promotion analysis

    Promotion analysis

    It is an accepted fact in the food retail business that over a third of all sales now come from promotions, so why gamble a promotion display that does not reflect the sales of an individual local store? Galleria currently works with Retailers & Wholesalers to achieve the best use of promotional space by optimizing the assortment and space by store. In offering an assortment that meets the unique local demand in the right quantity, the sales will increase and product will stay in stock for longer, however it will also reduce the level of unsold stock after the promotion has finished. Accurate planning means that our Retailers & Wholesalers customers achieve the product distribution that they expect and achieve the promotional mix that meets consumer demands. Timing of a promotion, both product and deal, is critical to driving your business strategy. In addition to advising on promotional strategy, the Galleria team is able to utilize the highly advanced PDO, Product Display Optimization solution to get the very best performance from the promotional activity.

  • Training

    Software training

    In addition to training Galleria software solutions, the team have many years’ experience in retail and are ideally positioned to provide tailored training across the spectrum from business to IT. Focus is placed upon combining business best practice with “a day in life” from a business process perspective to ensure that the training allows the recipient to apply the experience to their individual organisation and to reap business benefits as soon as is possible.

  • East of England CO-OP - Galleria Client
  • Coop Denmark - Galleria Client
  • Friedas - Galleria Client
  • Giant Eagle - Galleria Client
  • Imperial Tobacco
  • Maxima - Galleria Client
  • Morrisons - Galleria Client
  • M.Video - Galleria Client
  • One Stop - Galleria Client
  • Safeway - Galleria Client
  • Smiths - Galleria Client
  • Tesco - Galleria Client
  • Tomy - Galleria Client
  • Unilever - Galleria Client

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