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Assortment planning

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Most suppliers that we speak with rate getting product listed and increasing the distribution of the products across their retailer customer estates as one of their key initiatives. However the process of assortment planning grows ever more complex. Balancing the factors that ultimately provides the best possible and credible assortment within a given amount of space is a challenge. In addition to key performance measures, like value volume and profit contribution it is equally important to understand the depth of the assortment (how many different SKU’S) and the breadth (how many size variants) of the SKU’s that we need to stock. This coupled with propensity, products that might not contribute to well on a performance basis, however are very important to the consumer, business transfer and space elasticity make the conundrum even more fascinating. Back in 1989 Galleria was formed on the back of bringing space aware assortment solutions to the market and has a vast experience in crafting consumer decision trees that both achieve supplier objectives with regards to product listing and product distribution, whilst supporting the retailer’s category strategy.

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