Planogram Delivery and Compliance

Store Operations Workbench is the next generation in effective communication in retail from Galleria, delivering true two-way communication between stakeholders and enabling dynamic interactions.


Excellent execution depends on effective planogram delivery and communication across the organizational network; from head office through the store to shop floor. Traditional planogram distribution channels have tended to flow one way; with little opportunity for direct feedback. With stakeholders across the trading floor now demanding a more interactive environment for planogram distribution, store audit and compliance these channels no longer cut the mustard.

Store Operations Workbench is the next generation in effective communication in retail, delivering true two-way communication between stakeholders and enabling dynamic interactions. Web-based technology enables you to publish information simultaneously via multiple channels (for example, the cloud, intranet or extranet) to a variety of platforms. Stakeholders can view this information, provide direct feedback and assemble and print their own planograms, assortments and shelf edge labels.


  • Publish once to all relevant stakeholders
  • True two-way communication providing quality feedback
  • Reduced cost of knowledge transfer
  • Full integration with Galleria Foundation Services, benefiting from workflow management and version control

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Store Operations Workbench - SOW

The next generation in effective communication in retail

Delivering information between departments and out to store effectively is the difference between zero and a hundred per cent compliance and execution. Retailers are struggling to keep stakeholders informed across the whole trading floor from merchants, buyers, category mangers, merchandisers and store operations.

One way communication no longer cuts the mustard, stakeholders demand an interactive environment where they gain access to the data in preference to receiving fixed information in the form of PDF’s, Bit maps or Jpeg files.

In addition to delivering information, such as cluster strategies and assortment, space and total store plans, retailers need an interactive portal both to gain stakeholder buy in and to ensure compliance and execution.

In preference to moving static information from one place to another, wouldn’t it be transformational if stakeholders in different locations like head office, store or out in the field could receive information, comment upon it and enrich the overall knowledge bank without any files moving anywhere?

  • Utilizing the cloud for maximum connectivity, flexibility and information security.
  • Efficient sharing of information via the portal environment.
  • No processing overhead or waiting for fixed format files to be generated.
  • True two way communication providing quality feedback.
  • True system integration considering legacy and best of breed solutions.

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  • Rapid

    Rapid planogram delivery

    The plans are all sitting there however how can we provide access to internal / external stakeholders and the stores themselves? With SOW the stakeholders and stores are able to view any information contained within the Galleria Foundation Services, subject to head-office authorization.

  • Transparent

    Transparent solution

    How do we really know what the stores are thinking and how can they notify us of the latest changes and developments? The stores can provide structured feedback through pre-set questionnaires and can even audit their own space to ensure that we have the most accurate and up to date information for planning purposes.

  • System harmony

    System harmony

    Having the Store Operations Portal access the Galleria Foundation Services (GFS) directly ensures that the information remains completely in sync and benefits from the centralized workflow management including information version control.

  • Efficient

    Efficient planogram delivery and compliance

    The stakeholder or store can view any authorized information without the need for the data to be processed or moved anywhere. The concept works in the same way as a Citrix environment whereby, the recipient is viewing the data from a remote source and is gaining the flexibility to interact with it.

  • Compliance


    Have plans and strategies really been implemented or do they remain a philosophy? Store Operations Workbench (SOW) hooks into the workflow and enables the store to confirm that strategies and plans have been implemented effectively.

  • Flexible access

    Flexible access

    Utilizing cloud technology means that Store Operations Workbench (SOW) can access the Galleria Foundation Services (GFS) database via the cloud, extra net or intranet to provide maximum flexibility and access to the solution.

Flexible deployment

We have a range of deployment options suitable for every type of business. For Store Operations Workbench, we can distribute the software to the following options:

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