The next generation of Customer Centric Merchandising provides a scalable solution, with the capability to go from manual planograms through to planogram automation and optimization, to support you on your customer centric journey.

Planograms overview

Planograms - A key ingredient for category management success

The retail landscape is ever progressing and the most current evolution revolves specifically around the ever more discerning customer, in order to combat this retailers must differentiate through localized strategy. Store specific micro space planning is the key to ensuring that the store experience satisfies the customer and makes the store the physical hub of the brand. Laminating localized performance, store specific equipment and the appropriate assortment is a proven path in buying the lifetime loyalty of customers.

Planograms are a key ingredient in the recipe for category management success and customer satisfaction. Localization of assortments at the shelf is a key battleground for retailers and this requires sophisticated software to help balance the three key retail elements of inventory, assortment and aesthetics.

Planogram detailMoving away from generic planograms to bring more localized assortments to the customer requires software able to fuse the science of consumer demand and inventory needs with the aesthetics of visual merchandising. Retailers and suppliers can achieve this balance through better understanding consumer demand on a store by store basis in order to identify variation and produce planograms tailored to meet the stores unique demand and varied layouts and fixtures.

The next generation of Customer Centric Merchandising provides the ability to planogram for virtually every fixture type, enabling retailers to align their requirements with capabilities to plan, automate and optimize their offering on a variety of levels, from national, through to cluster and store specific. For the first time, planograms can be implemented outside of center store; furthermore customizable fixture functionality ensures the capability can be applied beyond traditional grocery retail, to support verticals such as hardware, auto parts, sporting goods and beyond.


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Planogram Software

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Customer Centric Merchandising - CCM

Optimized range and inventory promotes consumer loyalty and sales

It is vital today to drive loyalty and squeeze every ounce of productivity out of the space available. Key to achieving this goal is to ensure optimal assortment and use of space in stores as consumers become more exacting in their requirements. Sales information based on cluster and store specific sales, customer buying decisions and shopper insights provide huge volumes of data which can be mined to determine the crucial details of buyer spending patterns and shifting trends.

The ability to analyze the performance of products for a defined cluster or a single store, to execute the results into reflective planograms is a challenge historically beyond the resources available.

The next generation of Customer Centric Merchandising provides a scalable solution, with the capability to go from manual planning through to automation and optimization, to support you on your customer centric journey. In addition to this, the solution supports entirely customizable fixture planning and workflow management, enabling the full sales potential of each store on a category by category basis through the production of planograms at all levels, from national through to cluster and store specific.


Galleria’s planogram solution allows you to rapidly build and merchandise fixtures in 3D to reflect visual merchandising strategy and ensure that profitable products are placed in the optimal location on-shelf; with flexible fixturing, the solution enables you to create planograms for virtually every fixture type, from straight shelves at center store to pegs, freezer chests, tables and more. 3D visualization can be used to enhance the merchandising process throughout. In addition, the solution provides effective planogram analysis by enabling users to create custom highlights and reports as well as enabling the share of planograms with other stakeholders.


Improving operational efficiency, Galleria’s micro space planning solution offers full planogram automation, activating a variety of key features to streamline the planning process so that merchandisers can spend valuable time shaping the strategy for the category rather than building multiple planograms manually. From automating a list of actions across existing planograms i.e. product additions, deletions etc. to the automation of planograms via a basic rule-set, Galleria’s automation provides simple and efficient planogram creation in-line with category strategy.


Closing the loop on customer centricity, Galleria’s merchandising platform provides true optimization capabilities, offering stores consumer-centric planograms by automatically balancing assortment, aesthetics and inventory in-line with the strategy of the category and across a variety of levels; from national through to cluster or store specific. Managing only a small number of strategic inputs per category, fully automated and optimized planograms are created or updated, containing the right product, in the right place with the right inventory to meet localized demand for each individual store.

Available as an integrated or simple desktop solution, Customer Centric Merchandising is both flexible and scalable to provide full functionality to both retailers and suppliers alike, from working on a single master planogram to automatically generate hundreds and thousands of optimized planograms in minutes that ultimately deliver the right balance between assortment, aesthetics and inventory.

  • Reduced wastage powered by accurate store specific inventory
  • Optimized assortment decisions focused on performance metrics
  • Automated process enabling the production of store specific planograms
  • Maximized store compliance through the distribution of store and fixture specific planograms
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

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  • Flexible Fixtures

    Flexible planogram fixtures

    Create a planogram for any display in the store; gone are the constraints around curved edges, complex fixtures and other traditional shortcomings. The ability to implement a planogram which reflects even bespoke store fittings, ensures that all stores have the capability to supply the right products, merchandised in the right place and space.

  • Flexible & Scalable

    Flexible & Scalable planogram creation

    The next generation of customer centric merchandising from Galleria provides retailers and suppliers alike the ability to plan, automate and optimize their micro space, regardless of fixture shape, a capability never before seen in the industry.

  • Express Efficiency

    Store Specific Planograms

    Creating store specific assortments and planograms driven by individual store performance and accommodating diverse store fixtures is easily accommodated by CCM’s automation functionality. Flexibility enables various category decisions while delivering individual planograms catering to a store’s unique requirements.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Customer Satisfaction via planograms

    Planograms promote consumer loyalty by delivering the best products and accurate inventory to satisfy buying patterns and demands of the store, minimizing loss of sales due to lack of stock on the shelf and matching the availability of items to customer requirements.

  • Return on investment

    Maximize return on investment

    Maximized sales and return on investment by efficient inventory and product placement lifts sales in stores. The benefits driven by getting the assortment and planograms right is reflected in the bottom line profit figures.

  • Store efficiency

    Increase store efficiency

    Building planograms that are appropriate to every type of display provides increased store compliance negating the need for the stores to adapt a generic planogram. In addition, the automated provision of inventory based on case pack and days of supply reduces continual replenishment and empty shelves.

Flexible deployment

We have a range of deployment options suitable for every type of business. For Customer Centric Merchandising, we can distribute the software to the following options:

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